Wednesday, December 5, 2012

I'm moved here:

Hi everybody this is my new blog. Here you find Blogger temples, joomla themes, Convert Joomla theme to blogger temples and many more service. Check it out now !
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Tuesday, April 24, 2012



We are web designer team. Our mission, in no uncertain terms, is to help small businesses everywhere get bigger.We want to provide you with the best possible web marketing for your small business. We want to give you the absolute best way to grow a small business. We want to create a reliable, affordable, easy to understand, and effective way to grow for all of the people who have great ideas or just want to start a business. Take a look at our services and our portfolio and you'll see how much work we've put in to this dream of ours. 100% granted of satisfactions. 100% Life time support & update. Contact me.

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Saturday, January 28, 2012

New premium blogger theme Rayportal 2012 download now

First thank you for find this page. Today i published my first and new blogger template. Yes i'm new designer, just tried to make batter design, hope you like this blogger theme.

I take only one day to develop this theme. Mostly On this theme you have not change any html or hacking codes. Just have to Change only subscription widget bar.

So easy to necessary customization, it's simple to change menu-bar, side-bar, footer widget bar from Blogger  > Layout page. Everything thing under control. Before Install backup your old template. For more information just post comments here.

Set Subscription widget Bar ?
Here is the  code (click here). To Change the the Blue Color of the Submit button Change #57ABFE to a Light shade and this #0080ff to a dark shade.

Replace 1675+ with your Feed count and always update it manually once a week. To change its color edit this #F17C18 
with your feedburner RSS Feed link.
with your Facebook profile  Link
with your twitter profile link
with your feedburner RSS Email Link
Replace rayhank with the Feedburner RSS Email Title which is always written at the end of your FEED Email Link as shown below,

Hope you like it. Please if any suggestions or error problem then write here comments bellow.

Before click the download button, please check your Browser for allow pop-up window of this site. because download page will appear a pop-up window for download the file.
Free | Secure Download | NO Adware or Spyware! 

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Friday, January 27, 2012

Download Fastest Professional Joomla Template Ever! For Your Blog or Site

A Joomla 1.7 theme I want to share with you. That’s a really great SEO Layout, Dynamic Widths theme. Nice Footer. Main matter is it’s have a professional look and it’s a foremost reason that if you want to make money by your site. Extremely stylish look can make your site funny.

This Theme is the fastest ever and completely free Joomla templates. Because I’m not sharing you paid theme that’s violate the copyright law. It is a full feature set, speed and search engine optimization balances. Please use the format of the standard template club template-based and, therefore, are fully capable of motion and composition.

It has been close, friendly and at a distance without compromising the performance and speed that contains many useful features. The default installation of Joomla frontpage size, is the use of 59KB.

 This is the default Joomla theme to contrast with the 155KB. The difference, surprisingly, an ultra lean, fast-loading, and the result is a high-performance template.

Shown to exhibit the fastest load time on this thama statistics, as well as minimum per-page file size and the number of requests have been at least. However, the fastest Joomla template has to be gauged against a set of features. Not only the template quickly, is of class to any others, features that are not exceeded, and free, fair, winners of the shows on this theme.


SEO Layout:
Collapsing Positions:
Dropdown Menu:
Module Positions:
Dynamic Widths (Wrapper & Side Columns):
Colour Variations:
Active Image Count:
Compressed CSS:
Disabled Joomla! Mootools:
Tableless Layout:
Tableless Joomla Content Overrides:





Joomla Theme: 1.7
Free | Secure Download | NO Adware or Spyware! 
    |   Demo    .  OR  |  Download 1.5
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